Actisan Disinfecting Hard Surface Towels

Water activated anti-bacterial surface wipes. Environmentally friendly and fully biodegradable. 

8 x 90m
8 x 90m
12 x 90m
12 x 90m


Don’t just reuse cloth wipes that harbour bacteria or plain paper towels that only remove the mess you can see.  This Actisan Hard Surface Paper Towel’s anti-bacterial properties (kills 99.9999% of germs!) are water activated. You don’t have to spend money on disinfectants/detergents/other chemicals anymore! This paper towel has excellent wet strength and absorbency and is also ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY and FULLY BIODEGRADABLE.

Convenient and easy to use for surface disinfection anywhere and anytime … just add water!

Perfect for public areas such as –

  • Food courts
  • Restaurants/cafes
  • Restrooms
  • Commercial Offices
  • Government Offices
  • Schools (classrooms, toilets, playgrounds)
  • Aged care / Health care facilities

Product Overview

  • Complies to TGA Hospital Grade Option A disinfectant test
  • Broad spectrum anti-bacterial efficacy
  • Biocide immediately activated by water, no chemical sprays required 4 PEFC certified renewable paper source
  • Environmentally friendly and fully bio-degradable
  • Commercially attractive vs. standard paper rolls and non-woven wet wipe products
  • Superior to standard paper towel products by also providing hospital grade disinfection
  • Low lint
  • HACCP approvedAdd Brochure

Actisan Hard Surface Disinfecting Paper Roll Product Sheet

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8 x 90m, 12 x 90m

Hard Surface Disinfecting Paper Roll Product Sheet


A4 Product Information Sheet on the Hard Surface Disinfecting Paper Roll