Bostik Anti-Bacterial Sanitising Wipes (75% alcohol)

Pre-moistened anti-bacterial wipes suitable for hands and surfaces

56 x 50pk
56 x 50pk
40 x 60pk
40 x 60pk


  • Kills 99.99 % of germs without soap and water
  • Sanitises hands and surfaces
  • Convenient, easy dispensed towels
  • No rinsing, no drying and no residue
  • Pre-moistened, disposable, multipurpose
  • Resealable

Bostik Antibacterial Wipes are waterless hand towels used for sanitising hands and surfaces.

They kill 99.99 % of germs without soap and water, with no rinsing or drying required.

These sanitising wipes are equally useful and effective for wiping down furniture and equipment in public places whether they are  food court tables and chairs, bank counters, dining tables or shared office desks!

Perfect for ensuring the shared space is safe from one user to the next.


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Bostik SW Sizes

56 x 50pk, 40 x 60pk

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